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Hey, this is Janfer, a graphic designer from Hong Kong.
Having developed my career in the design (and marketing) industry for more than 10 years, I am blessed to have the experience of working with quite a few visionaries, many of whom are founders of different companies. My client base is usually from companies based in Hong Kong and PRC, and I help to transform their company image from an idea in the head to a real-life experience.
My specialty is in combining colours, styles, typography and imagery for delivering design solutions. It is my belief that a brand is much more than a font type or icon – a brand evokes an emotion. The simpler the design, the more memorable it is.
Whenever I create sketches or graffiti on sketchbooks, design a drawing or think of various crafts, I find myself with an insatiable curiosity for design. Hoping to tackle real life issues via creativity, I immerse myself fully in work and gain satisfaction at the same time.

I'm a half-awake dreamer who wishes to make a difference through design. My main focus lies in graphic and brand design, but book and web design are also my areas of interest. As to personal hobbies, I love to explore Hong Kong food, drink tea, investigate/ study mysterious events and travel.

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